#2: The Money Problem

#2: The Money Problem

Recorded on the afternoon of March 23rd. Originally posted by Austin Rich.

Julie & Austin convene to talk about music and the Salem scene.  In this episode, we follow-up on Make Music Day, discuss The Money Problem with regards to music in this town, and name-check more music that we want to see / and love.

If you like the show, write to us, and tell us what you think: roughshodradio@gmail.com.

* * * * * *

Today’s program is sponsored by LivBar.  Please visit livbars.com for more information.

Topics Include: 

Spring Break, our new name, being critical and criticism, our new theme song by Vortex Remover, new e-mail and website, Make Music Day follow-up, a conversation about money and music and how bands get paid, our new sponsor, What is music worth to you? and how rock and roll bars work.

Contact us about your pocket of the scene.

* * * * * *

Bands / Artists / Venues Mentioned / Shows Discussed:

Vortex Remover, Percy LoungeAdieu Caribou, Orchards, Stereo RV, Summer Eyes, Hot SheetsBlack DelaneyJayson SelanderNathan Tenney3 Hand Stephen, Carlos M. BarataJoel Machiela, Mkultramegaphone, Dead MoonSolo Songwriter Showcase Live At The Space (3/23)Adieu Caribou Album Release Show (3/24)Moon of the Wolf and Hot Won’t Quit (3/26)Sunday Service: Mutation Showcase 00 (3/26)Summer Eyes – Black Delany – Hot Sheets at The Fifty! (4/1)Stereo RV Album Release Party (4/8),

Relevant Links:

The Percy Lounge Show that Julie and Austin attended, Julie’s story about Adieu Caribou

* * * * * *

Tips On How To Start A Band:

2.) Play with as many people as you can, as often as you can.


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