#3: Vortex Remover

#3: Vortex Remover

Recorded on the afternoon of April 2nd. Originally posted by Austin Rich.

Julie & Austin convene to talk about music and the Salem scene.  In this episode, we have Rob & Peter from Vortex Remover join us for a casual discussion about their career.

If you like the show, write to us, and tell us what you think: roughshodradio@gmail.com.

* * * * * *

Today’s program is sponsored by LivBar.  Please visit livbars.com for more information.

Topics Include:

Vortex Remover on the show, Rawkward Phase Album Release Party, Throat Singing, recording the album and the forthcoming tea-themed EP, The G.A.A.G. / Peter DeGroot split recordAnbot Rodroid, Startle Easilies, PD & His Musical Notes, The Strawberries, the secret history of small towns, “a sense of humor,” building and picking your gear, making music with friends, playing at the state hospital & Tedx Salem, ASL Interpretation, Vortex Remover on MyFacester+ & Twinstabler.

* * * * * *

Upcoming Concert Calendar:
April 4th: Impuritan & Trask Schulte, Live @ The Space Concert Club
April 5th: Free Beginning Ukulele Group Lessons @ ABC Music Company
April 6th: Spoken Word and Open Mic Poetry Night @ The Space
April 7th: tLoveless Root, Stan McMahon Band, Gary Buford Trio @ The Space
April 8th: Stereo RV Album Release Party w/ Joe Kye @ 1859 Cider Co.
April 15th: Scott Garred, Vortex Remover, Andi Camp & Brenden Tingue @ The Possum House
April 21st: Vortex Remover on Mid-Valley Mutations.
April 29th: The Meaning of Life: Austin’s 42nd Birthday Party Day One!
April 30th: The Meaning of Life: Austin’s 42nd Birthday Party Day Two!

* * * * * *

Open Mic & Local Jam Sessions:
Monday Blues Jam at Shotski’s
Tuesdays & Thursdays at Tequila Nights: The King of The Mic
Wednesday at South Liberty Bar: The Hump Day Jam
Thursday at Shotski’s: Open Mic hosted by Rich McCloud
Thursday at The Triangle: Weekly Jam.


* * * * * *

Bands / Artists / Venues Mentioned / Shows Discussed:

Bêla Fleck, Derek M. JohnsonThe FiftySoriahCherry City Deadbeats, Tom Farmer, Cathead, CoronationWavelength Studios, The For Reals, Guitar Castle (Tim Knight), Hot SheetsCity of PiecesThe Space Concert ClubPossum HouseCalvin Johnson, Scott Garred, Andi CampBrenden TingueCaptain Crook Records Comps, Oro Azoro, The Greatest Generation (podcast); NerdistAlabama ShakesOrchardsKalalochMake Music Day.

* * * * * *

Tips On How To Start A Band:

3.) Tell People You Want to Play Music.  Go to a Ukulele Group Lesson; Go to open mics; meet people who play music; let it be known you wanna play music.


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