#5: Please & Thank You

#5: Please & Thank You

Recorded on the afternoon of April 26th. Originally posted by Austin Rich.

Julie & Austin convene to talk about music and the Salem scene.  In this episode, discuss various points of rock & roll ettiquette, as well as offer the concert calendar.

If you like the show, write to us, and tell us what you think: roughshodradio@gmail.com.

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Today’s program is sponsored by LivBar.  Please visit livbars.com for more information.

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Topics Include:

Music Scene Etiquette, meeting the scene, promoting the show you are playing, the venue’s role in the show you are playing, clear communication is necessary, the truth about message services: we all know that you read the message, people working at the venue are your co-workers, watch the show you are playing on, know the money going in, the thank you discussion.

And here’s the song Austin was talking about near the end of the show:

* * * * * *

Contact The Press about your show:

Julie Eaton at The Salem Weekly: music@salemweeklynews.com

Carlee Wright at The Statesman Journal: cwright2@salem.gannett.com

Roughshod Radio: roughshodradio@gmail.com

* * * * * *

Upcoming Concert Calendar:

April 27th: Acoustic Thursdays at Venti’s: Rich McCloud
April 27th: Gift of Gab (of Blackalicious) LIVE at Kraftworks
April 27th: Corban Chamber Orchestra Concert – Mostly Mozart
April 28th & 29th: 2000’s Music Decade Super Fest
April 28th: Percy Lounge / Brotherman / TiedToAGrizzly at Venti’s
April 28th: His Name Shall Breathe, SPN, Machete Yard Sale, Flocks Fall
April 28th: The Pumps – M69’s – Songs for Alice
April 28th: Just Kitten, LIVE on The Radio.
April 29th: Northwest Monthly Volume 30: Twi$tOne, Brady Banks, Watermelon Jones, & MORE!
April 29th: The Meaning of Life: Austin’s 42nd Birthday Party Day One!
April 30th: The Meaning of Life: Austin’s 42nd Birthday Party Day Two!

* * * * * *

Bands / Artists / Venues Mentioned / Shows Discussed:

Beef Kitchen, Rich McCloudVortex RemoverThe Space, The FiftyJarred Venti

* * * * * *

Tips On How To Start A Band:

5.) Have a serious conversation about money, and how it works in your band.

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